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At Ashella Productions, we prioritize family values. Our goal is to establish a work culture that supports and welcomes working parents within the film and TV industry. because you shouldn't have to choose.

Let's just say we are a family-friendly production company making not-so-family-friendly content. Bring on the drama and dark comedies.





Fearon has always had a passion for telling stories through Film and Television. She had her own local TV show with her sister at the age of 12. After College, she got into event production and has produced over 1200 events. She went on to work at several of the top Film Festivals as a director where her love for filmmaking grew. In 2020 she launched Ashella Productions. Fearon has experience managing talent, taking care of hospitality needs, location searching, producing, and directing. She manages budgets, creates full production schedules, and can direct a large team. She wears many hats during production and thrives on set. She recently directed "UnCredited," the pilot Juli and her wrote together, based loosely on her life.

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Juliana (Juls), at age 8, started modeling, studying acting, and beginning her journey with writing. She knew from a young age she wanted to act. She even hosted and produced her high school morning show. After College, she packed her bags and moved to the city of stars to jump into acting and has been doing it ever since. She met her husband and moved to Northern California. She joined Fearon working at the Film Festival, where she worked for five years while acting. Together they wrote Uncredited, the pilot and proof of concept, where she plays Elle. Juli has studied writing and acting at Berg Studio, William Esper Studios; she took stunt training with Tony Vella and continues to educate herself on acting, producing, and writing film and television.

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Go behind the scenes with Elle Ives, Festival Director at Valley Hills Film Festival, as she leans on her team to produce a star-studded week of film premiers, celebrity tributes, and lavish parties. Can she survive the red carpet drama while going through her own emotional breakdown, or will she walk away from it all?

UnCredited is an award-winning pilot episode & proof of concept that is currently doing the film festivals circuit as we develop and pitch it as a one-hour dramedy television series.

Genre: 60-Min TV Series| Dramedy

Status: Completed / Pitching


A lot can be said with very little words. Housewife takes you inside the mind of a modern-day housewife with a twist. Filmed in Vacaville, CA, and stars Juliana Folk who also wrote and directed it.

Genre: Short Film | Drama

Status: Post-Production

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A heartwarming unscripted TV Show that features surprise parties for some incredible individuals. A Military Veteran returning home, a breast cancer survivor, a kid who saved his sister from a pitbull, and a teenager who started a non-profit all deserving of something special to lift their spirits. Each honoree gets a fantastic themed party designed and planned in their honor, where they are celebrated by their community, family, and friends. Our audience gets tutorials for decor, recipes, and incorporating these designs into their own party. Our design team creates an elaborate, over-the-top themed party for the honoree with special celebrity guests. It's a party you don't want to miss. Think Extreme Home Makeup meets Make-A-Wish.

Genre: 30 Min TV Series | Unscripted

Status: Pitching

My Backyard Wedding

Since 1991 when Father of the Bride came out, little girls have been dreaming of the perfect backyard wedding. However, backyard weddings, like in Father of the Bride, can be filled with drama and problems, making for a great TV. "My Backyard Wedding" is a 1/2 hour unscripted series. Think "Yard Crashers" meets "David Tutera UnVeiled." Backyard weddings are typically challenging, from neurotic homeowners to unpredictable weather, plumbing issues, insects, wild animals, and much more. This is where a professional wedding planner helps make the dreams of one couple come true as they transform a blank backyard into something spectacular but only with a backyard makeover first.

Genre: 30 Min TV Series | Unscripted

Status: Pitching

Pisces Season

"Pisces Season" is a script for a short film written by Juliana Folk. It explores the subconscious mind, depression, and the quest for inner balance. The story delves into the challenge of silencing the inner voice.

Genre: Short Film | Dramedy

Status: Writing | Pitching

What Does ashella mean?

Juli and Fearon became inseparable friends after meeting at an Oscar party in LA. Two years later when Fearon came over to tell Juli that she was pregnant, to Fearon's shock, Juli said, "I am too." Juli's son Asher, and Fearon's daughter, Ellamay, were born three weeks apart. So when deciding to take the leap together and launch a production company, they gave their kids one of those catchy Hollywood couple names. Ash for Asher and Ella for Ellamay, and you get Ashella! Everything we do is for them, and we love working with other crew members and teams who understand the importance of work-life-balance. #momswhomakefilms

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